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My photographs start their lives as either colour or black and white digital images. I work with them to create monochromatic, or subdued colour invitations to dream and wonder. Printing is an important part of my image making process. As I also make some images into encaustic works or handmade books, the physical object becomes even more important.

I make ‘semblances’ from a series of combined photographs and other forms of multiple exposures as well as images made with intentional camera movement.

My images rarely depend for understanding on location, rather they offer a space where the viewer can decide what they are seeing for themselves. To borrow a line from Eric Bogle, I like to  ‘… leave blank spaces for people’s minds to fill in for themselves …’


Water seems to seep into many of my images. Other parts of the natural world also lurk here. 


I want to engage imagination, memories, emotions, ask questions rather than provide answers.


All is not as it seems …



Images on this site are for sale, in a selection of sizes. They will be printed to order on fine art paper. Please email any enquiries on or click on CONTACT for an email form.

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